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Franjo Mihalic


On March 9th, 1920 in village Ludine near city of Kutina, Franjo Mihalic was born as the tenth child of Josip and Veronika Mihalic. In a 25-year long career, he ran around the wolrd four times, in other words he ran over 164.250 km in 1075 official races. For 25 times he has broken national records in 5km, 10km, 20km, 25km, one-hour-run and in marathon.

The culmination of his career were the Olympic Games in Melbourne 1956, where he placed second in the marathon. He has been running for the track club "Partizan" from 1946


Best results by years:

1951. 2nd place at Mediterranean Championships in Alexandria on 10km
1952. 3rd place in a street race in Sao Paolo, that was the 5th best result of the year on 10km
1953. 1st place in a street race in Sao Paolo

1st place in Paris, a cross country race

1st place in Bristle, a cross country race "Soar"

1954. 2nd in cross country "Sao Silvestre"

5th in the European Championships in Bern

1955. 1st in cross country race "Sao Silvestre"
1956. 2nd in marathon at the Olympic Games in Melbourne
1957. 1st at Moscow Sports Games
1958. 1st in Boston marathon and 3rd in Tokyo marathon
1960. 12th at the Olympic Games in Rome
1961. 1st in cross country near by Milan
1966. 1st in his last race in a small marathon "Kadinjaca"


He participated in Boston Marathon in 1995 as a veteran.